The Joy of Nothing

August 30, 2019


“Long Live” & “I Don’t Wanna Know If I Can Live Like That” featured in the drama/romance film ‘It’s What’s On The Inside’


‘The Joy of Nothing’ starts with an uplifting electronica instrumental, “Redeemer,” which leads into his stream of consciousness lyrical writing inspired by Van Morrison on the next two songs, “Long Live” and “You Can’t Take My Heart Away From Me.”  The EP then turns back to an instrumental build-up “I Don’t Wanna Know If I Can Live Like That” which is in reference to the homelessness epidemic in Downtown Los Angeles. The last song, “Hard Roads/Love Rock” is his most personal and is a take on how it’s better to go through hard times and come out on top than to have everything be easy and given to you. The second half is about a large rock near a river in Fort Hunter, New York where Hidde spent his time growing up and how he wants to bring his wife there someday. – Thread Em