Disappearing Mountaintop

June 17, 2016


This album was inspired by childhood, camping, moving to Los Angeles, 90’s NBA basketball, and Jesus Christ


Los Angeles Artist of the Month, June 2016

‘Gunslinger’ is a pensive meditation that ruminates on taking love with you to a new place. Blanketed with a soft layer of minimal synths, lo-fi bedroom recorder Erik David Hidde, who goes by Prison Escapee, sings with a calm demeanor, with a slightly indistinct delivery that only adds to the song’s shimmering dreamscape. There’s a certain uncertainty lingering through his mind, though he’s more so eager and expectant of what is to come. – The Deli Magazine 

What a delight the song ‘Gunslinger’ is. In the ever crowded music world, it’s always very good to hear music that is made out of appreciation for the art, and that remains unpretentious, moving and so accessible. – Beehive Candy 

His new single, ‘Gunslinger’ explores playful electronica beats decorated with dreamy and serene vocals. – The Hook 

‘The Lake Drowned Itself’ showcases Hidde’s soulful songwriting and velvety vocals. – The Noise Room