I Feel Sorry For These People

July 7, 2021


This album is dedicated to my late best friend Kurt Glasser and “Park Swing” and “Never To Be Seen Again” are directly written in memory of him

“Have You Ever Lost Someone” was written and recorded after my wife lost both of her grandfathers within months… released on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and dedicated to the families of the lives lost


‘I Feel Sorry For These People’ is the new album from American soft-rock artist Prison Escapee. The album is self-produced which makes it feel quite simple but it is very well made with relaxed pianos combined with lots of reverb and echo in the vocals. This helps create an eerie atmosphere that can be both easing and creepy. The instruments used are reminiscent of Joji, with the backbone of lo-fi being occasionally infused with rock music. The vocals serve the vibe by being musing without much emotion or volume.

The mournful atmosphere of the music is reflected in the lyrics, with themes of loss and grief tempered with a sense of nostalgia for better times. This could have felt depressing, however there is room for light at the end of the tunnel, and the pain of loss is countered by a message of hope. “I’m a Dove” is an upbeat closer that almost sounds like it is being played through an organ in a church. “High School Musical” is a bitterly honest song about admitting nothing lasts forever. Prison Escapee explores trip-hop beats in the sad track “Have You Ever Lost Someone.” – Absolute Tunes

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