Preacher’s Daughter

February 14, 2021

Cleopatra Records


Looking for a brand new Valentine’s Day song? Go have a look to the one Prison Escapee dedicated to his wife! – Incioneline Reviews 

Everyone check out this beautiful [song] that Prison Escapee made for his wife for Valentine’s Day! – Recommend Tunes 

Like I said I was excited what comes next and here we are. Again, I think this is a song that would have made Bowie proud because it has all the right influences and sub-tonal weirdness to it, especially with some great high notes and blend outs. – Music Reviews 357

Resounding and grand from start to end, Erik David Hidde crafts a beautiful synth-laden soundtrack for love, capturing the thrilling wonder and mystery of falling in love. – The Upbeat

Most significant others show their Valentine’s Day affection by a small, yet thoughtful gesture: for some its flowers & Russel Stover Chocolates, and others…well, it’s writing and producing a new single. For LA-based Erik David Hidde, it’s the latter. – Deviate Music Blog