Locket / Au Revoir

May 12, 2017


Prison Escapee is certainly a worthwhile vehicle for Hidde’s talents and these two songs show diversity many other modern outfits and musicians can’t match. This is highly individual and artistic yet speaking with an emotional honesty that cuts through any hint of artifice. “Locket” and “Au Revoir” conclusively prove new music continues being released that challenges any notions of popular song resisting revolution. – Indie Music Reviews

These are two powerful examples of what he’s capable of and certainly evidence of the excellence we can expect from him in the future. “Locket” and “Au Revior” are fascinating efforts any serious musical devotee is likely to respond to and have a fiercely personal spirit quite unlike anything else on the independent scene today. – Valhalla

This is more than just intensely personal music. Prison Escapee manages to combine elements from a variety of strands in the popular music spectrum and infuse them with an artfully turned modern sensibility. “Locket” and “Au Revior” are successfully for a variety of similarities and differences alike. One can only imagine what a full length effort from this vehicle might sound like. Erik David Hidde is quite unique among songwriters working today. – Band Blurb

These are not cheerful musical landscapes, but that shouldn’t imply they are despairing compositions or musically limited – the lyrics might explore themes of loss and regret, but there’s a rich humanity conveyed in both “Locket” and “Au Revoir” that opens up their dramatic potential and he achieves remarkable instances of diversity over a duo of songs many other artists and bands are hard pressed to maintain over an EP’s length of work. – Gashouse Radio

“Locket” and “Au Revior” make some use of the studio to amplify and achieve their effects, but they are ultimately dependent on quality songwriting above all else and experience marked results in that area. Prison Escapee has an understated ambition to be a vehicle for songs that mine deep into the lexicon of 20th and 21st century song for a fresh, distinctive modern voice. – Razorfish