Greetings from the End

July 22, 2022

Cleopatra Records


“Your Favorite Car Crash” selected as ‘Song of the Day‘ – IndieWavves

We are thrilled to premiere yet another piece of work by California-based singer and songwriter Erik David Hidde, AKA Prison Escapee. ‘Greetings from the End’ is the newest album joining Hidde’s vast collection of work. Over the years, he has released singles, EPs, and albums, though this is his second album released under Cleopatra Records, who he signed with in the Autumn of 2020.

As you may have already noticed, Hidde is no stranger to our site as we have featured him and his music in the past which has given us more than enough time not only to get acquainted with his work but also with him as a creative individual. Erik is never one to shy away from being quite personal. Whether with what he chooses to share on social media with his followers or the stories he communicates through his music, he will always pull from his own experiences and faith, and this new album is no different. That makes so much of his music relatable in lyrics and in the feelings it evokes.

Erik kindly shared with us what each track is about below: “New Tonight” is about the end of being social and having a season of life where you don’t go out and meet new people. “Toe to Toe” is about the end of not facing God, being toe to toe with Him, and asking for direction in life. “Sound of Music” is about the end of not realizing the reality you’re facing and coming clean about it. “Mindbender” is about the end of doing things against God and asking for forgiveness. “Your Favorite Car Crash” is about the end of following the crowd and smothering loved ones. “Sore Loser” is a special song because it was written in 2009 and is the oldest Prison Escapee song that exists. It is about the end of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. “Collapse of Man” is about the end of childhood innocence, wanting to go back, and how complicated being an adult is. “Majesty” is about the end of a season of a marriage between husband and wife and entering a new season of having a child and creating a family. “Drive Fast” is about the end of a life from a car accident but pushing through. “Lonely Moon” is about the end of trying to control everything in marriage and giving up control to God. “Tear Me Apart” is about the end of getting your heart broken and doing whatever it takes to build bridges instead of burning bridges.

The Prison Escapee persona and sound have been carefully crafted, either intentionally or unintentionally, over the years of Erik’s career in music. Everything from his voice to the atmosphere the music creates is unique, emotional, and slightly haunting in the best way. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth noting that he doesn’t just create music; he creates almost cinematic soundtracks. It is no surprise when his songs are used in movies, commercials, and other projects.

Seriously, I could describe what each song sounds like and still not come close to what it might make you feel. So, I highly suggest you take the time to listen to the album from start to finish and let Prison Escapee sweep you away into his world. I know, crazy to think that people still enjoy listening to complete works of art, especially nowadays when everything revolves around singles and EPs. This is why the album was released without a single release, as it’s a concept album about the end. What end are we talking about, though? Now that is the million-dollar question we would like to leave up to you to answer. Hidde has his meaning of what this album is culminating, and we want to think this is just a new beginning for the talented artist. Probably both in his personal and artistic life, new chapters are being written or maybe even a brand new book. Whatever it may be, we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him. As the saying goes, “every ending is a new beginning”, and Prison Escapee is sending ‘Greetings from the End’. – Indie Wavves