Beware of Dog

November 9, 2020

Cleopatra Records


On his newest release Prison Escapee gets straight to the point. It’s a two minute tune without any major twists and turns, it quickly builds into its emotional peak and stays there for the rest of the runtime. We get a stunning piano melody, right after the drums kick in as well as the melancholic vocals. I also love the simple yet romantic lyrics. I’m a huge The National fan so I appreciate how the instrumental seems to be subtly influenced by their sound. “Beware of Dog” is one of the catchier tunes in Prison Escapee’s discography. I’m waiting to hear how it sounds as part of a longer project, hopefully he has a new record on the way. – Nerdy Turtle

This new single from the recently signed artist has a unique and interesting sense of dichotomy, with the aspects of the sweet relationship-based songwriting (“holding hands, facing fears together) and the soft and gentle vocal delivery contrasted by the rock-influenced instrumentation. There are some nice melodies running throughout the track as well, and although it’s very short, it still feels complete and fully realized. Well done. – Authentic Audio

I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this subtle little bop. The title told me that I should be expecting something more ‘edgy’ classed but it’s beautiful. Honestly, such a lovely track and love the single art! – Recommend Tunes

He writes, produces and mixes all his songs. The song is really great. The rythym is fast from both the keyboard and the drums. His voice is very high fitting with the production and vibe of the song. – The Music Corner

This is a rather lovely and soothing lo-fi indie song. – Music I’m Obsessed With

If you’re into experimental music, go check this out! – Alexa Shuffle My Playlist

This is sweet, the drums sound crazy. – In Short Reviews

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